Colour Theory

Pamela has her own colour theory which she incorporates into her lessons, it helps people to understand colour and the processes involved in mixing colour, which enables you to discover your own personal way of creating and expressing yourself in Art. Pam’s colour theory lessons are also available for private tuition in Dunsborough.12107825_561040177381060_59299809330348215_n

Pam runs art classes in the summer for adults and children.

“Whether you’re a beginner or a consummate artist, these art classes will encourage spontaneity and allow a space for your creativity to unfold. Open up to being engaged, present and experiencing the moment – over and over again.”

If you would you like to learn watercolor sketch art, painting and colour theory personally from Pam, feel free to contact her on on : 041174402213475065_668026003349143_9197849375011761565_o